Real Estate is an Essential Service

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Last night the Province announced that real estate agent services were officially designated one of 74 essential service categories permitted to continue business in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. This brings a collective sigh of relief from the industry at large, and from our many clients with a transaction either pending or necessary in the coming weeks. To that end, it’s particularly noteworthy that the Land Registry Office will also remain open. Our colleagues in Quebec were not so fortunate, with a declaration yesterday from their provincial government, effectively suspending real estate services until April 13.

With this gift of business continuance comes the responsibility to conduct ourselves in keeping with ongoing Public Health directives that focus on stopping the spread of COVID-19 and saving lives.

As such, we repeat our call from yesterday’s post to suspend the practise of  in-person showings, along with open houses and to instead adjust your focus in favour of virtual engagements with clients and prospects. 

While real estate can continue, this could change at any time. If Realtors are not adhering to strict practices in avoiding in-person interaction wherever possible, we risk the Province shutting down real estate practices altogether. Please see OREA’s position HERE in regard to yesterday’s announcement from the Provincial Government.

We are here to support your business in this new mode of operation, and further messaging will continue in the coming days, offering practical assistance in conducting your business virtually.

Clear communication is critical in these rapidly changing and uncharted seas. We understand the desire to share the information and guidance we are providing you with your real estate network. In doing so we ask that you please not paraphrase our messaging.

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