FINTRAC Allows Virtual Dual Method Identification

FINTRAC has implemented a temporary change to the way REALTORS® can identify their clients while physically distancing.

In instances where the use of credit file or dual-process methods are not possible, and where Realtors can only rely on a government-issued photo identification document to verify the identity of a client not physically present, Realtors are temporarily allowed to verify their clients’ identities using government-issued photo identification over video conferencing technology. This also applies to documents for the identification of corporations and other entities.

This change is only temporary to assist during the COVID-19 crisis. Once physical distancing requirements have been lifted by Public Health authorities, Realtors must return to FINTRAC’s standard methods of identification, as well as re-verify all client identities affected by the temporary allowance. 

Revised materials, which incorporate the changes, are now available on REALTOR Link®. Revised forms will be posted on CREA WEBForms® starting May 15, 2020.

For more information on FINTRAC and COVID-19, click HERE.