Clubhouse – A Brief Introduction

Everyone is talking about Clubhouse – and for good reason! Not only have they recently relaunched and created a bit of buzz, but they implemented a clever marketing strategy by creating hype and a feeling of exclusivity by requiring you to be “invited” by someone already using it. Since people only get to invite one person each, it’s making everyone else congregate outside those VIP doors hoping to be added to the guest list!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Clubhouse is the new social media app for live conversation. It allows users to create their own rooms within available categories, either public or invite-only, set a stage, and invite whomever they want to speak
  • It’s all live – nothing is recorded, its all audio-only – no pictures, files or video, and there’s few limitations.
  • It’s currently only available on the iPhone

Here’s what you need to do:

  • If you have an app, download the app and reserve your username. Then, anyone you’re connected to will be notified that you’re on and waiting for an invite. If someone in your network has an invite, and decides to give it you you, you’ll be notified. It might take a few days, possibly longer. But once you get the text – Boom, you’re in!
  • Once in, you can browse categories and join public rooms, or private rooms you’ve been invited to and listen in on the live chat. The host may give you a chance to raise your hand, or invite you to come on stage and contribute to the conversation or ask a question.
  • Look for celebrities! Rumour has it Oprah has been spotted a few times, famous entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck is already a regular.
  • Create your own room if you’re feeling brave, and start talking! Rooms can be instantaneous, or regular and scheduled in advance.
  • Don’t post on your social media channels begging for an invite. It looks desperate! There’s little benefit to you getting in today or next week, so exercise that ability to delay gratification until it’s easier to get in. You’re not missing anything!
  • Be careful – it’s addictive! One of the first things you should do is look at your notification settings. It’s easy to get distracted away from your revenue-generating tasks.
  • Be aware there’s a lot of ego, and a lot of recruiting. Keep your head, weed through the “Me Me Me” content and there’s some great conversation to be had!

I’m being asked how it could be used to generate leads or increase business. I think there’s some potential there – to create neighbourhood real estate chats where you talk to a community about changes in the market, etc. But in the meantime, just explore, listen, network and potentially find some referral partners!