4 Things You Should Be Doing NOW

The restrictions that COVID-19 has placed on us may be giving you more time than you would normally have to work on your business. Here’s a guide on 4 things to focus on so that you’ll be ready for when activity ramps up. 

1. Connect!
I heard someone recently say that we aren’t socially distancing, we are only physically distancing. For many, this seems to be true – we’re spending a lot of time in video conferencing with friends, clients and colleagues. For others, the sense of isolation is real. One of the most valuable things you can do during this time is to connect with your database. Not to ask them if they’re interested in buying or selling, but to see how they are. I heard of a Realtor that connected with his database, and discovered a past client was panicking about a pre-construction she’d bought that she could no longer afford as she’d been laid off. She was too embarrassed to reach out to her Realtor for help. Within a few days, he helped her successfully assign her purchase, and even helped her profit from it. Now he’s got that client for life.

Be genuine, be personable, be helpful, and call your sphere!

2. Update!
Remember that course you once took on building successful drip campaigns? Now’s the time to take on these projects and evolve your business. Here are a few things you could tackle:

  • Update your CRM and work to fill gaps
  • Upgrade/automate your follow up and drip campaigns
  • Refresh your marketing materials
  • Update your website and social channels
  • Review your vision and business plan

3. Develop!
There are so many learning opportunities available right now. Coaches and designations are offering free or discounted training daily. If you always wanted to achieve the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) Designation, it’s being offered online at the Learning Library. RRi’s Masters Academy is being launched online via Royal LePage with payment plan options. Popular coaches, industry leaders and top producers are going live on the internet daily with guidance and support. In a more self-guided aspect, now is a great time to become an expert at digital signatures, cloud-filing and of course, don’t forget to attend all of the virtual meetings your branch, brokerage and brand are providing.

4. Own It!
The real estate market is changing daily. The national or municipal trend may not be an accurate reflection of your marketplace. Ensure you have a handle on changes as they occur. While some areas seem to have little movement, others are holding steady with 10 days on the market and multiple offers. If someone calls you and inquires about the market – be prepared to answer honestly and factually, reassuring your network that you are the expert and are handling the situation rationally and carefully.

This is plenty of responsibility to keep you fully working for as long as we need to before we’re able to resume physical business. Keeping busy and productive can help your mind and heart while sheltering at home. Most importantly, these tasks will give you momentum.